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How to choose the decoration team

One wrong step, all bets are lost. This phrase is used to describe decoration "guerrilla" decorate images however. People who have had this kind of experience, it is "a bitter tears." So, how in a mixed bag of market monopoly, can accurately distinguish between formal renovation company and home decoration "guerrilla"?

(1) the decoration qualification differences. Formal decoration companies engaged in repair construction must have the relevant State departments issued the "Architectural Enterprise qualification certificate" and business license. "Guerrilla" you do not have these documents, because business licenses and qualification quality certificate is a document with legal effect, do not have these documents, your home improvement project will not get the legal safeguard, in case of disputes, bad owners.

(2) reputation of difference: market Shang of "guerrillas" used of is playing a gun on for place of way, regardless of is ethics, and work attitude, and decoration quality, and after-sales service, aspects are cannot and formal company compared, engineering a completed, checkout on leave, once out has problem is to maintenance, on again find not to people, more alone on decoration quality is responsible for, and formal decoration company has fixed of Office places, has process exquisite of construction team, has perfect of after-sales service, and quality of management level and more city high of social reputation, For the long-term development of the company, they will make each site is responsible for and must take responsibility because they were decorating the supervision of industry associations and consumer associations.

(3) quality of difference: no matter if you take material purchases or by "guerrilla" purchase, you scared, afraid of shoddy, shoddy work. So worried that, in the course of construction, also was caught off guard, or they are not allowed to, caused great waste of material, either accidentally, to bait or shoddy process, water leakage problem, endless trouble, suffer themselves. Formal company has a complete set of working drawings, construction drawings, detailed actuarial II, employment analysis, material brands and prices indicated on the contract. Construction a detailed construction specifications must follow a standard construction, customers clearly the consumer.

(4) the design difference: "guerrilla" no design is basically copying someone's house or the owner did what he said, tend to result neither fish nor fowl. And formal decoration company are is trained professional training of indoor design personnel, they will consider bedroom of function, and space, and culture, and economic, has is deep of culture heritage, can expression owners of culture taste, after and owners of full of communication zhihou again out programme, programme are to after owners of signed recognized to started, and design personnel constantly ground site, to guarantees all by figure construction, reached expected effect.

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