Home improvement tips

Home improvement considerations v

48, the gate door must be in the House, don't let the doorknob hit the wall.

49. the varnish is not necessarily more beautiful than matte paint.

50. puttying must use spackling compound and not with PuTTY powder.

51. home protector must be used for good, including the air switch.

52. leakage protection and air switch to name brand.

53. under counter basin than on good health, good looks, easy to clean.

54. the wall corners do not do any better, or at least appear spacious.

55. the online slot must put bandages on the surface, surface treatment before PuTTY is very important.

56. plaster suitable for filling the hole in the wall, of course, if the hole is too big or cement is needed.

57. the paint must protect the stained glass on the back, it is difficult to clean.

58. the sink faucets must be with the back of the switch, which is more convenient.

59. the price too much water in the luxury auto racks, some obscure brand but more than brands, prices are much lower.

60. home not ground the metal socket will cause a lot of trouble.

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