Home improvement tips

Home improvement considerations of seven

71. the lamp is really not practical, open lights do not have many opportunities.

72. the greatest experience was in fact decorated the simpler the better, less pollution, less worry.

73. the practical points: ① designed closets. ② wash the sink in the dirt with the balcony. ③ bathroom wash your hair can be pulled out to a leader. Black kitchen table lamp.

74. buy toilet must measure their distance.

75. the kitchen floor tiles stamped not dry before the best measure the level and see if low floor drain.

76. the window sill with artificial stone.

77. the toilet shower room must be large enough and with transparent glass.

78. white cement tile caulking should not be used. Buy a caulking agent. 79. the Cabinet should pad the plank under the artificial stone. 80. don't believe designers, designers sometimes thoughtless.

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