Home improvement tips

Home improvement considerations for six

61. best home to do a store, you can store stuff.

62. the start frame of the bed and took 350 Yuan to add such a thing, bed has a pull handle, bed boards up to reveal storage space under.

63. the toilets do not use double Towel rack, not useful at all!

64. the cabinets do not put trash in the kitchen, it will cause a lot of trouble.

65. the best table in the restaurant of a small cabinet, something can be placed. It's easier.

66. the bathroom is best not MOP sink, leave a faucet keg line. MOP sink is not practical, good health, and also take a place.

67. bathroom wall nails nail to hang something,

68. the bathroom design a clothes cupboard, also don't have to worry about the bath forgot clothes.

69. washer drying serious is not practical.

70. do the laundry in the laundry pool used for hand wash some things. Buy a ready-made line.

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