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Home improvement considerations for sec

81. If the leak has installed any nuisance that smell "bowl", do not take them out. Out no deodorant effect.

82. the toilet back must be done well.

83. the mounted wash basin to be considered good and mirror, brushing Cup relative location shelf, towel rack.

84. to consider when buying a mirror mirror lamp position, if you temporarily do not want to put mirrors headlights, mirrors the size of cover lines reserved for mirror lamp best.

85. the laundry on the balcony of a small cabinet, put some debris, such as within the clutter of washing powder. Both beautiful and practical

86. do waterproof must be staring at the floor. Save upstairs leaking his family troubles.

87. don't follow blindly buying online, I found out later, some to bargain will be cheaper than buying for themselves.

88. must a few TV background wall socket, TV, DVD ... ... A place, you will find outlet is not enough.

89. into waterways should be taken into consideration before the future washbasins packed in bulk, such as left or right, where the water inlet and drainage set. Otherwise, the change after the discovery phase of the washbasin is fit.

90. on the curtains, you'd better stay that size one, boss shows no less size. If there were, then how. Looked at him or his CD.

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