Home improvement tips

Home decorating considerations

91. the family decoration construction process, must be implemented step by step. Don't have anything workers do work.

92. the louver valves on the range hood, be sure to clean and ensure that valves can switch freely and can be opened to the maximum, to not affect the smoke hood. Smoke hole is best within the Cabinet, better not walk on the roof. Easy to take apart and wash.

9, better not put the living room chandelier, bad hygiene, easy access ...

94. the Cabinet air conditioning power best air conditioning in the back, that saw wires when installing your air conditioner with outside.

95. When decorating your own best measure the size of each room and at any time, and shopping on the outside can know if I can put down, final size will influence interior design and furniture purchases.

96. light house better not deep color, where you need to have a choice, or give practical or dedicated his idea, of course, the best of both.

97. start looking for decorators. Personal experience is concerned, if it is not particularly large and simply decorated, best friend recommended repair team. Best was installed after the introduction, you have to see and identify with, the special charge of the decoration feels more important, sense and appreciation for what is more critical, because if you simply Lite, live almost outside mix will actually do, but quality may depend on the responsibility.

98. the main furniture such as sofas, wardrobes, dining tables and chairs, cabinets, might as well see more ahead, too tired if it is running around, you can find several shopping environment of used large square around the underlying trend showed, so next thing you have to do is style according to their expected something she slowly filtered out. Some people better grasp of the style, some people of color get a grip, it doesn't matter, anyway, there is still time to consider, if you wait until the decoration clearance, as well as steps to see the furniture to avoid the last grudging acceptance, not very much. Go for a prior primary material when I have time.

99. have good furniture it is best to size down, and press it back in a simulated scene from his mind set.

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