Home improvement tips

Fitment notes III

32. custom-made cabinets even though good-looking, but not durable. Made cabinetry is tough and durable, moisture-proof. And cost not much.

33. after the door, Mason began installing plaster lines, walls gray works. Grey is a grey polished, then brush primer, brushing and polishing after and last brush with ICI paint twice, the whole wall look smooth and even.

34. tiles must pay attention to the following points:

① the best they can at the scene.

part II is not perfect tiles can allow workers to stick in some invisible to the location in the future, such as cabinets, washbasin, mirror, and back.

③ wall tiles, floor tiles before the post is immersed must be enough time.

II be sure to drain plug to prevent the cement plug.

35. as a bathroom there are four walls, every wall you want to measure the length of it, high. Then deduct a window and door area. Finally the ground area. After you measure dimensions, can I get a shop selling tiles, they will add 5% loss.

36. the bedroom ceiling is best dual controls, door next to a bed, so winter lying in bed to turn off the lights.

37. the outlet location must be done right.

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