Home improvement tips

Fitment notes II

13. construction must be signed and construction before a detailed project list, including every detail, as well as price, be sure to write in black and white, and additional parts are certain to ask prices.

14. If the ground floor, be sure to water the ground leveling mud.

15. the best magnesium alloy sliding doors and folding doors in the kitchen, try not to decorate wood hanging Rails, wooden door, the kind of menbuyannian.

16. the living room best reserved for a few more power, easy to use.

17. best bathroom shower if space permits or a glass partition. If space does not permit installing a shower curtain.

18. order assembled or Kit the best material is wood grain detail.

19. before hanging cabinets are installed make sure that the water is smooth.

20. kitchen and bathroom floor tiles don't pick white.

21. the wall surface and the top surface finish scraping PuTTY must be completely dry before sanding. Then brushed latex paint.

22. the living room lamp number should not be excessive, brevity is good, come after the lamp shop.

23. the buyer need to install things in the best sellers to install, they should be more professional, you can find them.

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