Home improvement tips

Fitment notes four

38. best fit a lamp at the corner of the hallway, a simple and neat.

39. the packed dining room lighting consider table position, not too much worse, that is not beautiful.

40. the wall tiles in the toilets do not use plain, is relatively easy to get dirty, nasty long too flat.

41. the furniture you want to buy, stain-resistant, like room to read, should adhere to the principle.

42. buy aluminum plate with particular attention the keel rather than the aluminum plate itself, tends to go wrong on the keel.

43. the tile color is hard to find, but not satisfied with two colored mosaic and then a 45-degree angle was able to achieve very good results.

44. the Cabinet back out on the balcony with a layer of foam board insulation effect is very good.

45. the wood if no suitable best custom-made, bespoke quality seems better than the samples. But also unique.

46. the bathroom wash basin Cabinet it is best not to the ground, then neither do health and limited space, find some stores buy cheap back.

47. installing locks should pay attention to lock some wax or grease on the tongue, crashed late on.

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