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Experience on home decorating considerations

&Nbsp;        next year is 2012 does not intend to decorate, then relented, some time ago a House, renovated for the first time, since that was a small project (add a partition wall and floor redone hydropower), it did not find the decoration company, find a contractor do not pack the guerrillas, so all are now sold, and tired to death, Of course until the renovation is complete or end up with a lot of problems. Meant to write some decoration decoration logs and work again with watch decoration, from the very beginning, wrote to the tired wooden, finished soon, the strike quickly summary to summarize, proverb, Word focus, expect independent rehabber detours. After all is first times asked decoration, many not understand, many material even name also called not out, wants to wants to first times know installation doors and Windows also need bubble bubble rubber, loaded a toilet only know need method blue, posted a floor only know glass rubber, PPR, and 4 is in charge of, and 6 is in charge of, and impact drill, and 6 points bit, and PVC pipes, and 86 Panel, and 32.5 cement, and fill sewing agent, and PuTTY powder, and gypsum adhesive, and waterproof, and suppressed..... A bunch of new terms, nouns do not know in the construction stage, it is finished, price is left with many problems.

summed up, decorated the entire process can be divided into five stages:

tear gas pipe, hit the wall with doors and Windows, remove change, shoveling walls, wall

water pipe laying, laying of sewer, water pressure check, waterproof

install doors, Windows, tiles, levelling, painting the walls, laying floors

installation switches, outlets, panels, lamps, debugging lines

custom-made bathroom furniture kitchen furniture purchase

         If you live inside, front and of course a moving process moving again, there are many considerations. The decoration itself need to be clear why the specific decoration style, if you can't find decorators, decorating drawings (actually most of them are in haste, I was going to fuck with) could be better, but still want to follow the construction process would be better. If the purely individual brains decoration style (day is), the problem will be more troubles will be more, referred to below, is in fact only a fraction, and wants to lose weight on their own equipment repaired, often to buy a hardware to run several times, buy a flanges, connectors or something go over building materials market, ensure you the whole process down thin 5-10.

         is looking for construction decoration start offer, offer the learning is very simple, it's construction and affirmed that, in fact, these are not important, the most important thing is that the contractor (company does not say, fate didn't find, later decoration not intended) character, day the entire decoration full discovery, is essential to the integrity of the contractor, Directly led to almost every detail of the quality control, are responsible for, to tell the truth, how much money is not so important (the final budget is just floating around 20%-50%), but because of poor construction quality can get you to the point of collapse. Good news is, this day looking for contractors (people) are more responsible, he often say, is to make the owners happy, but it is clear that Jerry thing a lot, but at least the problems will actively help you to solve.

        , on payment, individual contractors are usually paid in three-four times a project, there's no way, guerrillas are personal, understandable, after all, construction contractors need to constantly ask to complete the works, require the payment of wages and laying pipes wires are needed to buy materials, unless they are landlords themselves. Last renovation completed, generally a 10% project of about 2 months, if no serious quality problems such as leakage, which can settle.

         shop around, take precautions, you need throughout the whole process of home improvement, and some work in advance (advance order is required such as doors and Windows, gas diverted by appointment only, they need good time, ensure the continuity of construction), and examine factors such as quality, price, delivery time, payment (some products also need to consider the color and construction requirements, Matching accessories, premium also should pay attention to on such matters), absolutely nothing wrong.

        waterproof, furniture, flooring, paint, kitchen, ceramic tile ... ... More shopping for most beginners, time, how to select the result will come out. Core materials: wire, pipe, pipe, tiles, paint, flooring, switch and socket in order to save money to buy poor quality, have to buy the big brand (rent tile may be less), especially something embedded in the walls of underground.

         drilling playing hole, will will throughout whole decoration process, members must to followed, and best first measure about, more big of hole, and more deep of hole, and distance left how many CM, and distance right how many CM, and upper and lower on align did, and level on align did and so on, only determine right Hou only can let its construction, now of construction personnel in for this class for Shi, are is since thought do had many times All eye alone won't help you, one eye didn't see his bit was down, don't ask.

         but you really of volume about they playing of hole, often with expected offset 1-2CM too common has (pipe looks will oblique with, behind installation cabinet, and posted tile what are to followed oblique, even may effect to gas table, and meter, and smallpox, installation), but anyway, eventually pipe also is is oblique of, Cabinet of clothing rod is oblique of, table is oblique with of, Wipe the walls sideways, even tiles are also oblique. ... We can do is try to let them do me a favor if you could change this slope control smaller, GB is definitely not up to, at least does not look so ugly, no rework, but what about the poor had holes in the tile? So be sure to follow, and according to the experience of the day, obviously can play some holes in the lattice spacing or tile gaps, best on the lattice spacing or gaps, so that one day if not, you can use caulking to fill, white will hide at the end of the hole location, but white tile parts were hard to deal with if you have holes.

         decoration is a live, natural "size", "orientation", "vertical" and "horizontal" and "quality" terms are the most important, if your own decoration, some spare reserve facilities are necessary, think about what happens if tomorrow something bad? So some reserve Jack connector, cable, line marking, construction site photos are a must.

         in addition, renovation construction must be electrical problems related to water, must ensure that the safe use of electricity, gas pipeline protection intact, closed pipe runs out, a problem not to mention liability, on the newly renovated rooms are always ominous, so owners urged to carry out the entire process.

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