Water based paint strong married new darling with lead paint market in transition

Modern life, people are becoming more conscious of natural reality, requiring a high quality of life. At home here, injuries products are increasingly being shut out of the body. Paint this piece, people do not require painting just as good quality, durable, but pay more attention to its environmental characteristics, would rather have the health and environmental effects of products, and deny the use of paint products harmful to the body. Therefore, water based paint became the preferred, which remove water based paint's status changes, it can be said from the side was helped as wife, become the new darling of wood furniture coatings and preferred. &Nbsp;

         in neo-classical style under the guidance of furniture, minimalist wood furniture back on the popular track. Wood furniture from the material choice of cherry, Dark Oak, walnut, birch, beech and rhynchophylla, a variety of solid wood. As the nature of the original material of environmental protection, the natural wood grain textures can narrow the distance between man and nature, people at home will be able to enjoy the charm of nature. And this is the most critical procedure is to use Paint. Now wooden furniture painted in oil paint and acrylic paint, under the contemporary mainstream trend of low carbon, water based paint was their first choice.  

         on the market in the future, water based paint to do more successfully it is necessary to do the following: in line with consumer demands for environmental protection, the Government's legislation on volatile organic compounds, coatings and coatings businesses for investment in environmentally-friendly coatings. These three are closely linked: consumer demands for environmental protection Government of legislation on the VOC, VOC legislation forcing the coatings industry and Government inputs to environmentally-friendly coatings industry, driving the industry's transition from solvent-borne coatings to water-borne coatings.  

         waterborne coating only in the development of solutions to these problems, to stand firmly on the China building material market. Moreover, to breaking free, occupied larger market and steady development, and also in order to solve these problems for the Foundation.  


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