New home living concept open kitchen use

An open kitchen, a new lifestyle! Changes in the kitchen, followed not only changes in cooking, is more of a new concept of home life.  


the history chapter

in North America, Europe, Australia and other countries, usually uses open kitchen design. Back authentic open kitchen concept comes from Paris after the revolution. As the society gets richer, "life in the kitchen" the new concept of home life are increasingly popular. People not only cooking, eating, where you can chat, play and simple daily leisure. Open space not only expanded the kitchen space, but also more humane care.   In Milan, last year's show, the idea was "carry forward". Responsive to people's needs, opening and dining kitchen kitchen design has become absolutely mainstream. Germany social survey, kitchen position second only to the living room. When you open kitchen the early Chinese, when you are in hot pursuit, cooking fumes a difficult to cross in front of interior decoration design of "Kan".   Po? boloni cabinets such as enterprises began to think about how to design the habits of the Chinese cabinet. In addition, a series of technological advancement, such as range hood power, counter a variety of wind directions, an indoor-air system and all the ancillary facilities of development make your dream a reality. According to incomplete statistics, open kitchen in today's decoration is about 30%, and there is a rising trend.

designer Lu

kitchen design issues to consider less than homes in other areas –   first, direction   kitchen ventilation position toward the North, Northeast, Northwest. Kitchen should be avoided in the Southeast or Southwest direction. Upwind and downwind breeze, wind from the South to the North, on the South to the North for the next, if the kitchen to the Southeast or Southwest, smell of smoke blowing back into the House. Generally not recommended for use on open kitchen. If I must use open kitchen will enhance the power of range hoods and exhaust fans, to a certain extent can compensate for airflow problems. Dusk when the sun goes down. To the West will be hot in the kitchen, food storage. Recommended Windows with blinds, refrigerators do not rely on sunlight's walls.   Second, the "flooding"   open kitchen imported from the West, but Western cuisine are distinct from China. The Chinese emphasis on "pot" and, therefore, open kitchen facing the biggest enemy is smoke and steam! A large power range hoods and ventilation can not be less. In addition to cooking, General domestic use rice cookers, microwave ovens, and recommended smallpox near the top adding a fan or two.   Third, beautiful   since the choice of open in the form of pots and pans in the kitchen, pots and, of course, cannot be exposed to the glare, good storage is clearly necessary. This requires an open kitchen and kitchen cabinet "strong cooperation". Cabinet storage features as large as possible, let kitchen helter-skelter colored everything must go somewhere. Best to have reserved space "upgrade", leave a space can be added later as small ovens, refrigerators and other items.   IV, building   selection of building materials and furniture to prevent sliding waterproof and easy to clean as a starting point. Anti-sliding wear resistance of recommended paving tiles and avoid laying wood floors, wood floor susceptible to heat deformation, cracks easily stained with oil. For example difficult to range hood of metal or wood for furniture, plastic material easy to absorb oil, not recommended for use near the kitchen. Also best not to use a cloth around the kitchen curtains and furniture accessories, they will absorb odors and grease, time is easily damaged or left to clean stains.

trend review


◇ minimalism prevails after   with the development of civilization, lines and more mechanical, let people feel the cold of the post-industrial era. European architects of questioned while minimalist, minimalist with a mood to "post minimalist" era.   Minimalist = minimalism + after a new romance. Romantic decorating aesthetic integration of advanced materials and processes, is one of today's design trends, some decorated with geometric shape, with patterned wallpaper and sliding doors, the short hair woman watercolor paintings and other decorations romance factor.

• kitchen appliances more intelligent   kitchen appliances coming of age, modern design and functional appliance configuration, make the top of your kitchen cooking, it also has flexible use. Outside the kitchen appliances in addition to the emphasis on styling and functionality, how it fits into the overall spatial planning, electrical appliances and embedded with the cupboard is the modern home kitchen design trends.

◇ high-tech details consistent with human   kitchen products from the "softer" aspects, at present, many businesses have done consumer height cabinet design the most ergonomic height.


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