Home decoration deep price war whirlpool to see price

&Nbsp;     the past few days, began to receive the decoration of intent consumer calls and messages, but want to be able to pass the new brand of home media platform selection rest assured that the home decoration enterprise, is more for the home improvement market in recent years to present their views and recommendations.


      It is understood that plaguing people decorating home improvement is the key to market a mixed bag, both standard brands to strictly follow the standard construction home improvement business, small company that also has a variety of workshops, more decoration brought a lot of problems for the people, "roadside decoration guerrillas." It is because of this clutter-free market, makes home improvement to "price" war as an important factor of competition, well-known enterprises, workshops company, price competition has not ceased, concessions, gift, price, and so on as important elements of home business promotion, decoration dazzle consumers.  

      hundreds of square meters of House big package decoration, near not difference cents of design and selection, has quotes 160,000 of, has quotes 120,000 of, also has quotes 90,000 of, more has quotes 75,000 of, compared with, minimum of quotes in decoration who seems some "flickers", will worried quality problem, highest of quotes and let people feel "fall", so middle price became select of object, But according to what are the high and low ranges offer come from? rehabber, fog could figure things out.

      home for the people, saving home improvement consumer spending, demand for access to quality of life is more objective, to price selection, design and construction enterprises are on the quality home improvement market has been advocating a misunderstanding and distortion.

      strong brand decoration enterprises executives scoff at the price war, but still unable to avoid this kind of marketing tool, as the mainstream media guide home improvement market development over the years, the new report said, jump out of the spiral of home prices, effectively from home details according to open all kinds of home improvement quotes, mitigate price fight, winning the ideal way to decorate consumers.

      has brand decorative enterprise executives said, family decorative from design to construction are a rigorous of specification standard, these "boring" of professional content many decoration who hard understand, so how to mass of language will design and construction of specification standard through media passed to decoration consumers vital, change brand decorative enterprise of market publicity way and content is spread, and guide people concern home quality of new subject.

      brand enterprises share part of the decoration and the consumer says, want to know some home design and construction details is difficult, because of seeing or hearing are price competitive, although some enterprises are various recommendations, but much to heart, starting from the price in the end choice. Hope brand decoration enterprises through the "new home" such a refined decoration of many aspects of the mass media, market and home improvement quality believable.

      reporter think, as brand Home name enterprises preferred of publicity positions, decorative enterprise to in publicity content upper and lower a time, first is to will home design construction of many details effective to passed to decoration who, like brand decorative enterprise in construction in the of some specification standard, and charges standard, and design standard are should everything to let decoration who in-depth understand, to won decoration consumers of concern and select.


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