Decorate doors and Windows need to focus on the issues

Installation of doors and Windows in home improvement appears to be a simple link, but improper construction may have a lot of problems. Common problems:  

 , door and window frame stiffness difference;


push-pull or open and close the doors and Windows or have windy weather, shaking the Windows box.  

(b) the reasons for  

1. improper profile, small cross-section and strength is not enough. Prevention of aluminum alloy door and window materials do not meet the requirements. Disqualification of PVC doors and Windows.  

2. PVC lined steel configuration does not meet the standards (generally steel liners for 1.20, but because the owners don't see. not qualified owners to install a lot of businesses) strength of steel thin wall, bad; subparagraph lined with steel insert, can't form whole strengthened role lined with steel and plastic profiles connection is not strong.  

3. specification node is not installed.  

4. not depending on the walls of different fixation methods.  

(c) measures  

1. the specifications, quantity of door and window frame profiles in line with national standards. Aluminum frame wall thickness shall not be less than 2.4 mm. Plastic window material thickness shall be not less than 2.5 mm.  

2. check the appearance of plastic profiles, qualified profiles should be blue-white or ivory white, clean and smooth. Better quality of the protective film.  

3. According to the door hole size, installed options section, not less than 55 series Casement Windows, sliding sash not less than 75 lines.  

4. strictly according to the specifications required to be installed to ensure strong, stable.  

Second, Windows leak  


1. the door and window frames and wall leakage at the connection of four weeks.  

2. sliding Windows slide tank water, and into the window.  

(b) the reasons for  

1. the door and window frames and wall with mortar joint.  

2. the door and window frames and wall glue is not strict, there are gaps.  

3. Windows and doors processing failed, between the window frame and sash combination is not strict.  

4. window sash seal installation failed, and infiltration of water from the glass cracks in the window sash.  

5. window boxes without drainage holes.  

(c) measures  

1. the door and window frames and wall cement mortar joint shall not be used. Should be flexible connections, sealed with sealant workmanship, there must be no gap.  

2. before installation check Windows and doors are qualified, combination between the window sash and the window frame, window sash seal installation qualified.  

3. the clearance between frame and left more than 50 mm in the hole, enable the window to do flow.  

4. outside the box by box and the track should drill drainage holes.  

third, the door color clear  


adjacent doors or window frames and door color inconsistencies.  

(b) causes   material not the same plant products, or the same product, or a different grade of material.  

(c) measures  

1. purchase profiles use the same manufacturer, and once enough material.  

2. before cutting ingredients color, avoid color material in the same Doors and Windows.


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