Actively prepare for the variety of wedding room decoration romantic bedroom designs to choose from

And the person I love to join the Palace of marriage is a life event, wedding room decoration must be considered. Girls usually have a lot of romantic fantasy about marriage, natural bedroom has become a wedding room decoration of the most important. What type of wedding do you want? How to build a comfortable marriage room bedroom? Following the reporter to recommend some wedding room bedroom, to learn about it quickly! &Nbsp;

classical style

case 1: Chinese classical


         now, some young people are like a Chinese classical style bedroom, Chinese classical to traditional and festive feel. Red is the main color of Chinese wedding, so Chinese classical style house design in Chinese classical furniture and bedding, red background or other jewelry to decorate. During the wedding day or a wedding, can rely mainly on soft decoration to create an atmosphere, painted in red. Late replacement soft accessories, bedding, and so on, is to coincide with Chinese classical style.

case 2: European Court


         wedding room in addition to Chinese classical style, you can also choose European-style Palace of wind. Continental Palace exudes aristocratic taste, romantic, romance, luxury and fashion come together. Diagram showing European-style Court House, selected furniture is very quality. Bed wall again under the appropriate layout, it feels better. Reporter recommends: wedding room to highlight the festive atmosphere, but do not use too much red decoration should pay attention to proper white space, color best taking advice from designers. Wedding room design the best can be varied, or over time, you get tired of, also trouble to change.

modern wind

case 1: join the classical elements in modern style


         modern wind is most people would choose their wedding style, but if you select only one modern element, to create the wedding room is not big personalities. How should we do? You may wish to add a little in the modern classical elements. As shown in the figure's bedroom, took heart in the interior styling, clever use of butterfly-shaped walls, bed design is also unique, modern wedding suddenly had a feeling of freshness.

case 2: the bright fashion modern


         wedding room decoration and General decoration was different, especially the bedroom decoration, colors too dark there is no wedding feel. In the bedroom design, materials and background colors can be used to find the overall feel. Modern bedroom fashion will be more and more suitable for young couples. Journalist recommendations: modern strong married relatively young people like, but to make a personality even more difficult. Wedding design had better have some personality of the two things, like wedding photos can be made into photo wall, simple character. In addition, some more fashion accessories can be selected according to personal preference, a small jewelry and sometimes lighted wedding Oh!

Princess wind

case 1: gorgeous Princess wind


         princess dream interpretation, not necessarily pink floral and lace, Princess style wedding can be very ornate, decoration design with special attention to detail. Figure shown in the bedroom the whole feel is very elegant and romantic, very bourgeois. Bedroom decoration should the retro design, coupled with a sincere lamp, believe the outcome will be better. Romance in the bedroom, not the kind of extravagant, transient blossom, but into every details, avatar is simple and elegant.

case 2: sweet country air


         your princess dream sweet fields of wind, a lot of love into a bedroom for girls. Bedroom wallpaper selection is warm, room main colours-pink, gives a warm and romantic feel. Pink floral curtains and bedding can be used, and romance to the end. Reporter recommends: a Princess style bedrooms can either choose exciting and can also select the sweet type. Princess wind are most particular about the romantic, pink, blue and white are commonly used colors. Among them, the sweet fresh garden wind,  free,  are often drawn from the natural scenery of the,  trees, flowers, rocks, sand, blue sky, the sea ... ... Bedroom house features plays, soft focus on the marital bed, bedding, pillows, curtains.


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