2011 home decoration five major trends

&Nbsp;     home decor, fashion, every year has its trends. In 2011, the home and what are the trends and trend of China? Visited Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and other more senior designers, many believe, naturalism, neo-elegance, fun, new luxury fashion, mashup will be the 2011 national wear of the mainstream.



themselves in clean, quiet, honest, beautiful environment, favored by the owners of some yearning for nature, "naturalist" style in the rapid rise in home decoration.

on the curtains, tile color, basic elements based on pattern modeling of plants and animals, as, pursue the harmony of colours and textures. Secondly on the material selection of natural stone, natural color, even simulation materials seek to imitate the natural texture.

there is on interior decoration, potted plants, flowers, as characters in the space. Low furniture paintings of plants and the permeability of space, created the possibility.


neo-elegance, is exuded from the inside of an introverted temperament and demeanor, experience fashion, simplicity, elegance and prestige. The inheritance of traditional culture and foreign excellent ideas, trends, inclusive, sea of quality. The craze by "top ten brands of Chinese ceramics" top quality elite tianwei ceramics presented and pushed.

sounds a bit like a mix, it's not.  Mash has no Center, various styles coexist, neo-elegance, on the other, a Chinese style, take other styles are compatible.

a case study of ceramic tile, tianwei ceramics under Aqua rock star products "such as water, rock-solid" reflect the owner firm style elegance and home life, and the pursuit of simple beauty, to create a comfortable harmonious atmosphere in every corner of life, expressing desire to become one with nature, modern fashion, creating a fresh, harmonious, away from home.

  new luxury;

the luxury here, not spend money on home improvement show, but in the home renovation process, using money on household products, content and use of its technology.  Enjoy a dignified, elegant, healthy, happy home life.


under the great pressure of work, home life become the best way to relieve stress.  This led to playing the popular home design philosophy for life, designed to bring fun to feel happy.

color, shape of the furniture product full of childlike, novel materials, and features changing products are sought after by a new generation. Spatial structure of design aims to entertain, such as hidden, superposition, rotation can make home a sense of game design is respected by this trend.


2011 trends are still traditional mixed with lifestyle, personality, publicity, Chinese, European, classical, and modern coexist and many other styles.

mashup itself has one of the most respected fashion course, promoted match between the different materials, styles and regions. Both macro-mix of style or a mix of details. Reflect the variety of styles compatible, so that different lifestyles can coexist in the same space.

mix for its open attitude and approach so that it will last a long time in the future.


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