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Environmental commitment
Environmental commitment

we promise we offer is safe and eco-friendly decoration, is a green design, choose green materials and use environmentally-friendly process decoration for decoration, reflected on specific indicators for the indoor air formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, radon and radioactive must meet national standards.

         We are committed after the completion (before entry of any furniture), you can entrust authorized organization test if data does not meet national standards, testing fees paid by the company, and related responsibilities. If the test data compliance, testing fees at their own expense.    

How to implement a green renovation

using green building materials:

strictly measure the radioactivity of the granite and marble values are exceeded, stone did not make strict testing before delivery of its radioactive, after the installation is complete, for large area measured its actual content.  

health of antimicrobial building materials:

use a sterilized glass, is adding the right amount of copper ions and sterilization efficacy of mildew, for 24 hours to kill all of the glassware Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus, food not bad musty. Wall using anti-bacterial tiles, bathroom and kitchen, easy to breed mold, its surface with a layer of titanium dioxide coating on the copper and silver compounds, tile surface absorb light active metal ions, bacteria cannot survive.

high quality green coating:

use inorganic mineral coating, using pure natural mineral material configuration health of environmental friendly waterborne coatings (fillers, pigments, film-S10), such as Germany's odorless Hao Lisi interior wall paint, pure acrylic resin copolymer resins produced Fuk Lok House Paint.

use of natural resin paint (lacquer), waterborne wood lacquer, enamel finish building door and window surfaces.

wood meets environmental standards, core Board *** smell, use professional equipment to distinguish its different cyanide compounds, chlorine, antifouling pesticides, formaldehyde is exceeded.

Green construction:

in parallel with the use of green building materials in the construction process to always keep the air flowing, and timely dissemination of harmful gases and properly classified for construction waste, construction process will not have an impact on workers health and the environment.

Green furniture:

comply with environmental requirements in the selection process, does not cause damage to the environment, with furniture for human living environment design. In the prevent users from causing allergies to the body, dizziness, trouble

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